Who we are

ā€œThe only way to win is to learn faster than anyone elseā€ – Eric Ries

At 3-Serv, we are convinced by the mantra of accelerated learning to excel in the marketplace. We are a small team of motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds in Marketing, Operations, Engineering and Business Process Outsourcing. Each of us bring something unique to the table, be it marketing scrappy start-ups in Silicon Valley, measuring operational metrics for large multi-national banks or advising small retail firms to understand their customers better. We are a trusted business partner to our customers, and help maximize their investments by leveraging standardization, lean processes, innovation and economies of scale.

What we believe

We believe in the Lean Start-Up principles of Build-Measure-Learn, where we maximize the customer feedback loop to constantly learn, measure and iterate to achieve customer-centricity and efficiency. Our small size and our lean approach makes us nimble and flexible to adapt quickly to the needs of our customers. At 3-Serv, we strive to provide best of data and outsourcing solutions on time, on budget, by reducing cost of operations thereby increasing revenue. Powered by an experienced team , we focus on performance and quality to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

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