Financial Services & Data Entry Outsourcing

We provide business process outsourcing, process re-engineering and data services (Data entry, Information Management & Market Research) across different industry verticals.

In a tight economy, where companies are trying to maximize their cost-to-benefit ratio, we can be your valuable partner by helping to streamline and standardize operations, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and accelerating your SLA’s.

We have a dedicated team of Knowledge professionals who diligently work to provide best-in-class services, and help you see measurable outcomes against your Key Performance Indicators. We use industry standard, best-in-class delivery models and standardized reporting to help you achieve your business goals.

Business Analytics & Insights

Every bit of data tells a story. As the volume of data increases in your organization, it becomes increasingly important to sort through the data and make sense out of it. This will help you understand your business better, and be in a position to make informed decisions backed by quantitative insights

We carefully examine and analyze your data, be it customer data, sales data or your internal data to help uncover insights that you can use in making smart business decisions. We focus on exploratory data analysis (EDA), where new features in the data are discovered, and confirmatory data analysis (CDA), where existing hypotheses are proven true or false. We assist in identifying undiscovered patterns and hidden relationships from your data that will bring new perspectives to your decision making process.

We offer customized Business Analytics and Reporting services for your business and help you interpret data to support /validate your decision making process. We can set up metrics dashboards  for your KPI’s and deliver standardized reporting on your data, that’s timely, accurate  and relevant.

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